Holger Neumann (Pallas), Ali Miller & Eric Astor (Furnace) and Patrick Roll (Pallas) outside the vinyl pressing hall in Diepholz, Germany.


Pallas-USA is a strategic partnership between Pallas GmbH (Germany) and Furnace Record Pressing (USA) and was formed to cater to markets in North America and points outside of Europe.

Karl Neumann founded Pallas GmbH as a vinyl record pressing plant in 1949. It's been a family business ever since.

The industry has changed a great deal through the years, with Pallas being at the leading edge of many of the record pressing industry's advancements. In the 1960s Pallas invested a great deal of time and money to bring automation to the record pressing process. Creating a more consistent and stable pressing environment has allowed Pallas to produce consistently high quality vinyl records throughout the entire run cycle. Before this innovation, records were pressed manually, so the cycle times varied record to record, as did the quality. The company never gave up on the vinyl format even during the lean years. Now with vinyl again ascendant, Pallas's 70 years of experience coupled with their German precision sets it apart from the rest of the field.

Pallas continues to innovate to this day with continued advancements in automation, galvanic techniques and refined PVC formulation, thus continually raising the bar in terms of quality, lead times and customer service.

In 2008, Furnace Record Pressing came calling and introduced Pallas to the North American market.

In 2012, Pallas was the first company since the early 1980's to make a brand new automated press from scratch. Furnace worked with Pallas to build five of these new presses to be dedicated to Pallas USA customer's needs.

While Furnace has built a pressing plant of their own in the USA, they rely on Pallas more than ever to press high quality records for their customers who demand the Pallas experience and both plants work on sharing capacity for the ever evolving vinyl industry.